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Trek Into the Wilderness For Your Individual Love Story

Whether you are newly engaged, celebrating anniversaries, or just wanting to declare your love on the edge of the mountain, let me capture those breathtaking, butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of love stories.

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About Me

Life Behind the Lens

Hi there! My name is Grace. Despite growing up in Colorado, the beauty of the mountains never ceased to amaze me so I never left. From hiking to fishing to rafting, there's nothing too adventurous for my untamed heart. My style of photography is warm, inviting, and feeling like home.

Why do I love being a photographer? Because I LOVE being able to capture the candid moments of pure happiness in your faces. What's better than taking that rare moment and freezing time?? One glance. One expression. That's all it takes to make a lasting memory. 

All too often, I hear from my clients say that they are awkward in front of the camera or have never had professional photos taken before. Leave that to me! My job is to make you feel comfortable so you can look natural and beautiful. 

That's the secret to good photos. When people radiate joy, you know you're good to go.